cobagin Wasch Lotion

Properties Composition

When used properly, cobagin® Cleansing Lotion removes dirt and fatty residues with light rubbing.

Paraffin and silicones are deliberately avoided to ensure the necessary absorption of the body's naturally occurring substances.
Physiological protection is preserved even with long-term application.

Selective cleansing allows the preservation of symbiotic, living micro-organisms (genital flora).

The most important active components are composed of: 

  • Natural immune-strengthening substances
  • Pure plant-based cleansing surfactants
  • Sea salt to stimulate blood circulation
  • Moisturizing castor oil
  • Regenerating lavender extract    

Essential oils
tea tree oil, lavender oil

Application method and duration

cobagin® Cleansing Lotion is suitable for use by women as well as men of all ages for the entire external genital area. It can also be used preventively or during and after medical treatment.

If your doctor or pharmacist has not given alternative instructions, cobagin® Cleansing Lotion should last for at least 3 months of daily use.

Use of the dispenser

The correct dosage can be optimally obtained by gently pressing on the head of the dispenser. It should be noted that an amount of approx. 1 mL (equivalent to the size of an almond) is sufficient for an application area of 10x10cm.

Dosage Form and Packaging Size

Lotion in PE dispenser of 200 mL

Applied once (1x) daily, it should last for at least 90 days.

Recommended for use in combination with:

cobagin® Suspension


Pharmacode:  5082899 Switzerland
PHN: 7635196 Germany
PHN: 4024285 Austria
Important directions for application

Information on the application and usage for diseases and special applications should be supplied by your consulting medical or pharmaceutical professional.

The application of cobagin® Wash Lotion is not a substitute for a medical examination and/or necessary therapeutic measures.

Undesirable side-effects
A burning sensation may occur during initial applications due to irritation of the skin. Should the burning sensation not subside with 3 days of application, please discontinue use and consult your attending physician/doctor.

For the formulation and the ingredients used, no adverse reactions have been reported after long-term application.

How do I store the suspension?  

Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place under 77°F (25°C).

Where and how can I obtain it?
  • from your doctor/health care professional and pharmacies

cobagin® Wash Lotion can be ordered by any pharmacy.

Any pharmacy can supply you with the cobagin® Wash Lotion.

Supply the Pharmacode to your doctor or pharmacy in Switzerland or the PHN in Germany or Austria to simplify the ordering process.

Pharmacode: 5082899 Switzerland
PHN: 7635196 Germany
PHN: 4024285 Austria
Feedback and observations

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Please share your experiences with your trusted health professional and/or contact us.  

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Monitoring and Study Participation
We are always open to the further development of our products via objective and transparent studies in both medical practices and clinical trials.

Interested doctors and patients may feel free to contact us.

We look forward to it!